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About Us

Hefei Aliker Hydraulic Parts Co., LTD:

hydraulic gear pump factory

Welcome to Hefei Aliker Hydraulic Parts Co., LTD, a leading Chinese manufacturer specializing in hydraulic gear pumps and hydraulic orbital motors. With have 15-year of expertise, we take pride in being at the forefront of the industry. Understanding the diverse needs of our clients, we offer tailor-made solutions to meet specific requirements.  Our customization services ensure that our hydraulic gear pumps seamlessly integrate into various applications. We have our own production gear line and automatic production equipment.   This not only enhances the precision and efficiency of our production processes but also allows us to meet the evolving demands of the market.  At Hefei Aliker Hydraulic Parts Co., LTD, we envision and create hydraulic gear pump solutions that power industries and drive success. Our commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction sets us apart as a reliable partner in the world of hydraulic systems.  For inquiries and collaborations, contact us today.   Experience the excellence of Hefei Aliker Hydraulic Parts Co., LTD!!!


Production Line:

hydraulic gear pump Raw material

1.Raw material


Several materials of hydraulic gear pump:

1.Aluminum alloy material

2.Cast iron material

3.Internal mesh material

The characteristics of each material:

Aluminum alloy: Light weight, good thermal conductivity.

Cast iron: Strong rust resistance and durability, suitable for use in harsh environments.

Internal: Large amount of pump oil, good oil supply uniformity.


hydraulic gear pump machining



In the production process, we strictly control every link to ensure that the product is accurate.  Our professional technical team will check every part to ensure that the quality of products is controlled.

Our processing equipment and production processes not only improve lead times, but also strive to meet customer expectations in terms of quality, performance and service for our gear pumps.

Our processing advantages:

1.Gear production line

2.Machining center & robot hand

hydraulic gear pump cleaning



In the hydraulic gear pump installation link, the internal parts cleaning link is very important, because the parts processing will produce a lot of debris, so it needs to be cleaned, thereby improving the service life of the product. By maintaining the dust-free status of accessories, each product is sold in accordance with market rules.

1.Constant temperature dust-free assembly space

2.Casting parts cleaning process


hydraulic gear pump assembly



In our assembly process, we are committed to providing a dedicated constant temperature and dust-free space during the installation of the gear pump, in this space designed to provide an ideal condition during the installation of the hydraulic gear pump. 

1, reduce dust and other impurities in the air

2, constant temperature and constant pressure and noise, to provide a good production environment.

hydraulic gear pump testing



In the testing phase, we aim to test the airtightness of the product.  With sophisticated test equipment, we can ensure that there are no problems in the operation of the gear pump.  Volumetric efficiency tests are also carried out to verify the performance of the product in terms of hydraulic transmission.

1.Volume efficiency ≥95%.

2.Check the air tightness of finished products.



hydraulic gear pump packing



In the gear pump transport to the customer's hands, in order to protect the gear pump and avoid damage during the express process, our packaging will use foam to protect the product from collision damage, and our packaging, whether it is paper packaging or wood packaging is better than the market. The purpose is for customers to fully receive intact gear pump products.






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