Hydraulic gear pump noise is too large elimination method

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Hydraulic gear pump noise is too large elimination method

Hydraulic gear pump noise is too large elimination method
December 22, 2023

Once the hydraulic gear pump fails, it will immediately affect the normal operation of the hydraulic system.  Noise is often a failure of hydraulic oil pumps, but how to detect and eliminate it?

Hydraulic gear pump noise and abnormal sound generally have the following 5 reasons:

1) The filter or suction pipe is partially blocked or the passing area is small.  At this time, all we have to do is clean the filter element or suction pipe and replace the appropriate filter or suction pipe

(2) The gas tank porosity is blocked.  This requires us to clean the vent.

(3) The oil suction position is too high or the oil tank level is large and low, at this time we need to reduce the installation height of the hydraulic pump or refuel to the oil level line

(4) The hydraulic gear pump or suction pipe seal is not strict, this time we have to check the tightness of the connection and the joint surface, and tighten.

(5) Inhalation of air bubbles.  This is more common in the newly installed oil pump, we have to carry out no-load operation, eliminate air: the suction pipe and the return pipe are separated by a certain distance, so that the return pipe port is inserted.

A certain depth under the oil level, the return pipe can not be placed above the oil level.

From the above analysis, we can see that the noise of the hydraulic pump is caused by many reasons.  To identify and determine the true cause requires a thorough investigation.

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