Komatsu Excavator GD405A-2 Hydraulic Single Gear Pump


Komatsu Gear Pump

Komatsu Excavator GD405A-2 Hydraulic Single Gear Pump

Komatsu Excavator GD405A-2 Hydraulic Single Gear Pump

GD405A-2 Single Gear Pump is suitable for hydraulic pump of Komatsu excavator.And it can be customized with exclusive appearance colors.

  • Displacement :

  • Volumetric Efficiency :

  • Service :

    OEM & ODM service
  • Lead Time :

    24 Hours / 20-30 Days
  • Material :

    Cast iron
  • Color :

    Silver / Customizable
  • Order(MOQ) :


Komatsu Excavator GD405A-2 Hydraulic Single Gear Pump

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Product description:

Product Name: GD405A-2 Hydraulic Gear Pump
Product Model: GD405A-2
Application: Excavator
Services: ODM & OEM service
Material: Aluminium alloy

GD405A-2 gear pump is a 1-state gear pump, made of high-strength aluminum alloy shell, with lightweight, easy to transport characteristics, for customers to save freight costs. GD405A-2 gear pump is also a 10 teeth aluminum alloy gear pump, we provide customized services, according to customer requirements to customize displacement, number of teeth, oil port, etc.

GD405A-2 single gear pump


Hydraulic Gear Pump Advantage:

1. Enhanced User Experience: Customized exterior color design, complimentary design and production of nameplates, and anti-rust surface treatment.

2. Versatile Applications: Suitable for various mobile machinery such as excavators, loaders, bulldozers, and more.

3. Flexible Configurations: Available in single, double, triple, and quadruple sections to meet diverse operational requirements.

4. Premium Materials: Constructed with high-quality aluminum alloy or cast iron for durability and longevity.

5. Rigorous Testing: Cast components undergo inspections for the presence of air pockets, while finished products are tested for airtightness and volume efficiency (≥95%).


Why Choose Our Gear Pump:

1. We have independent technical team, sales team and production team, and close cooperation between various departments to serve customers in the fastest time.

2. Our expertise is strong: 15 years of professional production of hydraulic components, 24 hours to provide remote video technical guidance, use specifications and guide maintenance knowledge.

3. Independent gear production line: ordered products are sent within 20-30 days, and stock is sent within 24 hours, improving our product delivery time.

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OEM and ODM customization:

1.Know your needs

①Photos and dimensions about the original pump

②Nominal displacement and pressure(mpa)

③Environment temperature and speed

2.Design sample drawing

①Our engineer provides the sample drawing

②Waiting for your confirmation

③to reach an agreement

3.To make a sample

①Produce sample within one week

②Conduct quality inspection and testing

③Send the sample pump to our customer

4.Increase quantity

①Our customers confirm the batch product

②Strictly control the production quality

③Deliver pumps to our customer efficiently


Hydraulic gear pump application scenarios:

Our gear pumps except in construction machinery; we also offer OEM and ODM services for road machinery in agriculture and forestry. This extends to a wide range of equipment, including agricultural tractors, forestry harvesters, and road maintenance vehicles, showcasing our commitment to tailored solutions in diverse sectors.

Hydraulic gear pump application scenarios

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