How to Troubleshoot Common Hydraulic Gear Pump Failures?

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How to Troubleshoot Common Hydraulic Gear Pump Failures?

How to Troubleshoot Common Hydraulic Gear Pump Failures?
March 22, 2024

I believe that all engineers have encountered various malfunctions of hydraulic gear pumps in your work. So how should we troubleshoot when hydraulic gear pumps malfunction? Here are some common troubleshooting tips:

Fault phenomenon Cause Analysis Troubleshooting
Oil pump does not discharge oil

1. The oil pump does not rotate, the rotation speed is low, and the rotation direction is wrong.

2. The oil pump sucks air, there is insufficient oil in the oil tank, and the oil filter is clogged.

1. Check whether the key has fallen off, adjust the speed, and correct the direction of rotation.

2. Fill the fuel tank, clean the filter, and exhaust.

The pressure cannot be reached

1. The system relief valve is out of adjustment and the pressure gauge display is inaccurate.

2. The internal leakage of the oil pump is too large.

1. Repair the relief valve or pressure gauge.

2. Inspect the oil pump.


1. The oil pump shaft oil seal or sealing ring is damaged.

2. The fastening bolts are loose.

1. Replace the oil seal or sealing ring.

2. Tighten the bolts.

Abnormal fever

1. The oil pump is running at overspeed.

2. The load pump is not unloaded.

3. The fuel tank has insufficient oil, the capacity is too small, or the oil suction pipe is not smooth

1. Reduce the speed.

2. Unload the oil pump.

3. Increase the fuel tank volume or clean the oil suction pipeline.

Noise exceeds standard

1. The oil suction pipe has high resistance or the oil suction is not smooth.

2. The oil suction pipeline or the pump shaft oil seal is leaking.

1. Replace the appropriate oil pipe or clean the oil suction line.

2. Replace the oil seal or eliminate oil pipe leakage.

Exploded pump

1. Oil pump operates at ultra-high pressure.

2. The relief valve is blocked.

1. Adjust the overload protection and replace the oil pump.

2. Clean the relief valve, replace the oil pump, and readjust the overload pressure.


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