What are the disadvantages of hydraulic gear pump?

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What are the disadvantages of hydraulic gear pump?

What are the disadvantages of hydraulic gear pump?
April 03, 2024

Hydraulic gear pump is an energy conversion device, its role is to make the flow movement, the mechanical energy into fluid energy. The pump is a power component in the hydraulic transmission system, driven by the prime mover, and takes out the mechanical energy from the output power of the prime mover, and converts it into the pressure energy of the fluid to provide the pressure oil for the system

Hydraulic gear pump has the following advantages:

1. High efficiency: hydraulic gear pump usually has a high mechanical efficiency, can effectively convert the input mechanical energy into hydraulic energy, improve the overall efficiency of the system.

2. Compact design: Hydraulic gear pumps usually have a compact design that allows them to be easily installed and arranged when space is limited.

3. Simple structure and cheap price: hydraulic gear pump is composed of fewer parts and relatively simple structure, so it has high reliability and easy maintenance.

4. Low working requirements and wide application: hydraulic gear pump can be used in a variety of hydraulic systems, including construction machinery, industrial machinery, automotive, aerospace and other fields, with a wide range of applications.

5. Good self-priming performance: hydraulic gear pumps usually have good self-priming performance and can start and run quickly under low pressure conditions.

6. Low noise and vibration: Due to its simple structure and smooth operation, hydraulic gear pumps usually have low noise and vibration levels, which helps to improve the comfort and stability of the system.

In general, the hydraulic gear pump has many advantages in the hydraulic transmission system, making it one of the widely used hydraulic components.

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