What is an internal gear pump?

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What is an internal gear pump?

What is an internal gear pump?
December 23, 2023

What is an internal gear pump?

Using the principle of internal gear meshing, there is an external gear and an internal gear, and the internal gear meshes with each other in the external gear. The internal gear on the main shaft drives the external gear to rotate in the same direction. The gears separate from each other at the inlet to form negative pressure to suck in the liquid, and then squeeze the hydraulic output through the meshing of the gears at the outlet.

hydraulic gear pump

Because this unique structure is particularly suitable for conveying high viscosity cutoffs, the applicable viscosity range is: 0.2-1000000cp. Internal gear pumps have the following characteristics:

1. The internal gear pump can realize reverse transportation by replacing the motor steering direction.

2. The pump body of the internal gear pump can be turned, and the inlet and outlet positions of the pump body are at right angles, making it easy to adjust the inlet and outlet positions according to the selection;

3. The internal gear pump is designed with convenient inlet and outlet interfaces for insulation or cooling medium between the pump body, end cover and bearing seat.

4. The superior performance of the internal gear pump has the characteristics of less trapped oil, smooth delivery, high efficiency, low noise and long service life.


What are the applicable application scenarios for internal meshing:

It can be used in engineering machinery, mining machinery, agricultural machinery and machine tools and other industries.

Application of internal gear pump

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